Your Vote Counts

It is a major election year in the country of my birth, the United States.  In November, the President of the United States will be elected, as well as the members of congress.  All of the politicians running for office desperately want people to vote for them. 
I remember when I first moved to Lebanon back in 2016 that the presidency had been vacant for a long time.  When the president was finally elected, I was amazed at the celebratory fireworks and/or gunfire that seemed to erupt all over Beirut. 
This week, the General Conference Executive Committee voted to elect a new president of the North American Division—the division I come from.  
Next week, we have a local church business meeting.  It is the highest authority of the local church, with more authority than the church board.  For example, the church board cannot discipline a church member—only the church in a business meeting can.  We don’t have a church discipline item on next week’s agenda—it’s just an example.    
Your vote counts—whether for politicians running for office, for church officers, or for local church ministries and initiatives.  With that said, please join the Zoom Business Meeting on Thursday, July 16, at 6:00pm (the link is below). Be informed about church ministry efforts, hear ministry reports, see how the church uses the offerings you give.  Share your opinion; help us make decisions.  Your vote counts, but you have to attend online to vote!
The great controversy is, in part, a battle for you and me—who will we choose (vote for): Jesus Christ or Satan?  In the battle for our allegiance, Satan can play foul.  He can lie, distort, manipulate, deceive, bribe, et al.  His attack ads against Christ are far worse than any of the political attack ads in our world today.  He suggests a heinous insult at God’s character, suggesting He would work a miracle of keeping sinners alive in the flames of hell throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity—all because these pitiful humans sinned for a mere 70 years or so.  Talk about injustice—Satan makes God out to be the worst tyrant the world has ever heard of.
Your vote counts.  God won’t force you into Heaven, but He’ll do everything He can to save you.  Satan will do everything he can to distract and destroy you—because if he gets you, he knows he’ll hurt your Father in Heaven who loves you so much and wants to spend eternity with you.  So who will you choose?  Don’t be deceived by the devil’s many tricks.  Follow God’s Word.  Follow Jesus Christ.  He gives us freedom of choice.  Will you choose Him or His adversary?  Your vote counts.


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