MEU Children’s Playground: A place to make friends

The Project

University Church Children’s Ministries Department wishes to enrich the campus of Middle East University with a Playground area for children. A place that can serve not only the community living inside campus but also the neighboring families of Sabtieh.

It will be placed at the left of the main entry road, between the old “Busy/Free” building and the out-of-service gas station (see picture above).

Three sets of toys:

  1. Activity Center (650 x 350 x 480 cm)
  2. Playcenter (646 x 156 x 225 cm)
  3. Spring Riders

The Numbers

Description Price
Playground ativity center K08021 (transportation and installation incl.) 7,932.90
Little Tikes LT451S 2,184.50
Spring Riders 1248 (x 2) 720.00
Rubber flooring (40 sqm) 3,280.00
Labor for leveling ground (5 days) 166.67
Fence (150 m perimeter) + gate (1x1m) 3,615.00
Digging and cement for fence 3,330.00
Metal cover for old baptistry 600.00
Restoration of old swings (x 2) 170.76
Signs for cars and parents 200.00
TOTAL USD 22,199.83


  1. A playground is a great place to develop friendships and grow together.
  2. When it is open, a playground is an inviting door for the community to know and enjoy MEU campus.
  3. It brings life, color and opportunities to serve the kids and their parents, no matter who they are.

Do you want to help?

Write a message below and we will gladly let you know how you can help to make this dream a reality. We thank you in advance for every donation, prayer and support by spreading the word!

Thank you!

Playground Contact

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