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  • The speaker today is Şahin Kama, one of our MEU theology students.

  • All are welcome to attend sundown vespers at 7:00pm. Pastor Jared will be leading the service which will include showing a few short videos about how current events are aligning accurately with our prophetic understanding of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.

  • Today is the first reading for the new church officers. Please check the insert. If you have any concerns please contact pastor Jared.

  • Next Sabbath’s offering, May 26, is for the Local Church Budget.

  • The church social committee has a group going to Bishmezzine church today for the service, fellowship meal, and afternoon hike. If you want to join them, contact Grethel at 71-770-465.

  • Our all-church Sabbath fellowship meal next Sabbath, May 26, will be to honor this year’s MEU graduates. two of your favorite entree, salad, or mezza item ready-to-serve to place at each serving line, along with your own serving utensils. you don’t have a kitchen of your own, thank you for bringing fresh fruit or juice. special graduation cake will be served.

  • Did you know you can watch our church service live streamed on our    Facebook page?

  • As we plan outreach initiatives leading up to and including the “Reach   Beirut” 2019 meetings with It Is Written, funds are needed.If you would like to support the evangelistic plans, please write “Evangelism” on a blank line below the “Local Church” section.

  • If you have prayer requests that you would like added to the prayer box, please submit them to the bulletin at


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