Sabbath Services · April 20

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  • Pastor Jared Millerwill be speaking for the service today.
  • Thank youto theSocial Committeewho planned an excellent trip to Baalbek last Sunday. Pictures of the trip can be seen on our church Facebook page.
  • Please pray for the nominating committeewhich is beginning their work. To inform the nominating committee of how you might like to serve in the church, please fill out the ministry form insert and email it to Pastor Jared or place it in the offering bag when the offering is collected. We need total member involvement, so please prayerfully consider how God would like you to serve in the church.
  • Share the journey! Continue being involved in God’s miracles in the lives of our guests who attended the It Is Written series. If you would like specific names to pray for, fill out a “Share the Journey” bulletin insert and place it in the offering today.
  • Friday Vespers May 3rd, students of the Theology of Missionclass will have an exposition on the various aspects of mission. We will begin in the auditorium and then move to the Theology Department. Please come for an engaging time!
  • If you have an announcement you would like in the bulletin, or a prayer request for the prayer box, please email it to bulletin@universitysda.churchon or before Wednesday.
  • Please do not take any food or drink (other than water) into the church auditorium at any time.
  • Did you know you can watch our church service live streamed on our Facebook page?
  • If you or another member you know gets sick or hospitalized, please notify the visitation coordinator Karim Kammouge (70-589-158) or head deaconess Basima Fargo (03-571-289), so visitation can be arranged.


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