Adventurers / Pathfinders Hike

Please be informed that on Sunday, April 30, 2017, the adventurers and Pathfinders club of the University Church will have its first hike in Bzebdine, El Metn.  Roy Khoury, our Youth Coordinator for Lebanon Section will lead us on this hike.  The trek will be in two parts, one for the adventurers and one for the Pathfinder.  Important note:  Parents of adventurers should accompany their kids during the hike or send a guardian with them.

Please bring with you the following:

1. Backpack for all your things.
2. Snack and lunch pack
3. Water
4. Extra clothing in case you might get wet
5. Protection from sun (sunblock, cap or etc)
6. Passport copy or residence permit (ikama) in case of emergency
7. Others, that you might want to bring for personal use.


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