By Debit/Credit Card


By Bank Transfer

Instructions to make donations via bank transfer

You may transfer your donation from your bank account to MEU Church’s bank account 1) online, 2) in your bank’s app, or 3) through a teller (in the bank).

You will need all or part of the following information:

  • Account name: Middle East University
  • Beneficiary address: Ferdous Street, Sabtieh, Jdeidet, Metn, Lebanon
  • Bank name: Bank of Beirut
  • Bank Address: Bauchrieh, Metn, Lebanon
  • Branch: Boucherieh
  • Swift code: BABELBBE

LBP currency account:

  • Account number: 01401 6490 9901
  • IBAN: LB83 0075 0000 0000 1401 6490 9901

USD currency account:

  • Account number: 11401 6490 9901
  • IBAN: LB91 0075 0000 0001 1401 6490 9901

If you have a Bank of Beirut account, you may transfer from BoB’s app. Instructions:

  1. Only the first time (to add the beneficiary):
    1. Go to “Transfers”
    2. Go to “My Beneficiaries”
    3. Click the “+”
    4. Choose Beneficiary Type: “Bank of Beirut Account Holder”
    5. Beneficiary Name: “MEU Church” (this is just a nickname you choose)
    6. Beneficiary Account: 0140164909901
    7. Click “Submit”
    8. You will receive an email with an attached form that you need to print, sign,scan, and return by email
  2. To make transfers:
    1. Go to “Transfers”
    2. Go to “Internal Transfers”
    3. From: choose one of your accounts
    4. To: choose “MEU Church”
    5. Amount: enter the value you want to donate
    6. Purpose: enter transfer purpose (only you will see it)
    7. Click “Submit” and then “Confirm”

Regardless of which method you used to make the transfer (online, app, teller), after you made the transfer you should notify the Church’s treasurer about your donation, so proper receipt can be issued. Therefore, send email to with the following information:

1. Name of donor
2. Date of the transfer
3. Total amount transferred
4. Purpose of the donation (e.g. Tithe, Local Church, Local Field, World Budget, etc.)