Church Is Open

Last Sabbath our church doors were opened and we met in person for the first Sabbath in 12 weeks. 12 weeks! March 21 was our last in-person Sabbath service until last Sabbath, June 20. For 3 months the church auditorium was closed, and we had online only worship services. Many people have contributed their talents to make the online worship services a blessing to all who viewed them. I think one person spent more time than anyone else, and that person is Sara Calado, our audio-visual ministry leader. And indeed, it is a ministry. Thank you Sara for your many hours and dedication! Church family, please let her know you appreciate what she did putting the church services together—video editing takes a lot of time.

Now the church is open. Amen! Yes, we have many safety guidelines to follow, and for now this is new normal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wearing a mask. But I’m happy to wear a mask for your safety and mine. The masks we are now required to wear almost all over the world can be a reminder that this sinful world is completely falling apart. But don’t let wearing masks prevent you from coming to church. Just like wearing a mask doesn’t prevent you from going to get your food and water from the store. Don’t let social distancing keep you away from church—it’s the new normal. Yes, we all wish this pandemic would just go away and the 12 safety guidelines for “doing” church could be forgotten. But we don’t know when that day will occur. Paul reminds us in Hebrews of the importance of meeting together—all the more as we see the Day of Christ’s return approaching. As we look at the events going on around the world, surely we can see His return is approaching. So let’s meet together this Sabbath at Sabbath School and Church.

Sabbath School attendance has suffered a lot during this pandemic. This is an essential Bible study time where everyone can participate in the discussion. There are 3 adult class options to choose from—as outlined in this email, plus the collegiate class. Don’t know which one to attend—try one this week, and a different one next week, and see which one you’d like to attend regularly.

The Day is approaching. Let’s meet together. In-person if you’re comfortable. If you’re not ready yet, meet with us online. Either way we can be encouraged to be faithful until the day our Savior Jesus comes.


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