Healing Devotional

Can God Still Heal?

  Can God still miraculously heal people like He did through the disciples 2000 years ago?  In Arabic the answer is “akid” which means “for sure.”  That’s one form of the ministry of healing.  Another form would be God healing people through medical doctors and nurses, as well as through natural remedies.  
           Regarding natural remedies, let me share a story from a recent article by Dr. Nick Miller.  He taught me back when I was at the seminary at AU.  The story took place in Hutchinson, MN about a hundred years ago during the 1918 flu which killed anywhere from 20 – 100 million people around the world—which, at this moment, makes it seem far worse than COVID.  Here’s what Dr. Miller wrote, “At some point in October and November, 1918, at the height of the flu epidemic, fully 90 of the 120 students at the Seminary contracted the virus. But not a single one died or became even seriously ill. Other places saw fatality rates of as high as 10 percent.
          “The Hutchinson Seminary, under the leadership of Dr. H.E. Larson, a physician on faculty, relied on a combination of isolation of the infected, rest, diet, and hot and cold abdomen, chest, and neck fomentations (hot towels compressed onto the patient, front and back, followed by chilled towels). The Public Health officer of Hutchinson City certified that no other institution in the State of Minnesota had close to such impressive treatment results” (https://www.lakeunionherald.org/archive/articles/love-liberty-and-worship-in-the-time-of-coronavirus-).       
          Notice the similarity between Acts 5 and that story.  In Acts 5—God works miracles through the disciples to heal all the people brought to them.  In 1918, God worked through simple health principles and natural remedies to heal all the 90 sick students at the seminary in Minnesota!  The point is: God healed them.  And He healed them through different ways at different times.  
          In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s remember the great value of the health message, and that the ministry of healing can still have a huge impact on many people, and connect many people to Jesus and His church.


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